No Find No Fee Tracing – £125 + VAT – £195+VAT including an agent visit

Tracing Missing Family Members, Clients, Claimants, Witnesses & More

Most tracing companies use subscription databases to locate your subject. We use them, but the difference is we do not rely on them. We do all we can with the means available within the GDPR and searching through any open source media available. If we cannot locate, or confirm the address you require, there is no fee charged.

You Can instruct KJH to trace a subject and then visit the new address to either serve documents, obtain signatures or carry out a short interview.

Why Use KJH Group for your Trace?

There are two main kinds of tracing companies within the UK. Volume based companies will charge a nominal fee to search databases on your behalf. The information will not be confirmed, and if they cannot locate your subject you are unlikely to hear from them again. The second type of company will charge somewhere in the region of £500 and will produce a meticously detailed report explaining the reasons your subject cannot be located. We have tried to price our service competitively and truly believe our service produces the results you need.

The end of the day, if we cannot locate your subject, you don’t pay a Dime!

How to instruct us to carry out your Trace?

Just fill out the form below and we shall get straigth back to you.