Process Serving Fees

We are all in the same boat with increasing bills and fuel charges. We, at KJH Group, are doing our best to try and help. So we are doing our best to keep our fees at the same they have always been. we haven’t made an increase since 2012 and we are continuing to keep our fees the same!!

At KJH Group we provide a fully inclusive Non-Urgent Process Serving Service for £95 + VAT, this fee will include up to three visits, all mileage to and from the service location, return recorded postage fees, all time spent on the job and in the office preparing the statements. If an affidavit is required, this would incur a fee of £25 + vat for the time and swearing of the Affidavit. If the documents for service are emailed to us, there is a fee of 10p per sheet printing charged.

All England Postcode Process Serving for Non-Urgent Service is charged at £95 + VAT
(Non urgent Serves will be worked on as soon as the documents are in hand, we aim to complete the first visit within 48 hours, and we aim to complete all serves within 7-10 working days).

All Northern Ireland Serves are priced at £150 + VAT (Non urgent)
Please email for a quote on Southern Ireland Service

Urgent Serves and Same Day serves start from £195 + VAT fully Inclusive
Same day charged at £195 + vat if the documents are received by 1pm. This fee still includes three attempts at the address, the following two visit, if needed, will be carried out on a non urgent basis. Documents received after 1pm will be charged at £225 + Vat for same day service/visit or £195 + vat for next day service/visit.

Details of our Guernsey Process Serving Fees

At KJH we provide a fully inclusive Process Serving Service in Guernsey for £245 + VAT, this fee will include up to three visits if needed, all mileage, recorded postage fees, and all hours spent on the job and in the office preparing the statements or certificates of service.

Please note, that if an affidavit is required to be sworn in Guernsey, this will incur a fee of between £200-250 + vat depending on the fee charged as swear fees are expensive in Guernsey.

Please also note, if we need to travel into, or through any “Clean Air cities” that charge a fee, for example ULEZ, Congestion Charge London, Bristol Clean Air etc, these fees will be added to the process serving fee.

Legal Aid Fees

The fee structure is in place according to the LAA and are explained below.

£25.60 per hour for service outside of London / £18.40 for service carried out in London.

Mileage is charged at 45p per mile.

If a swear is need for an affidavit or notary public, this is also added to the fee.

Family Law Order
Non-Molestation Orders
Working Orders
N39 Summons to Attend Court
Witness Summons
International Documents
Claim Forms
We serve all these and much more…………………….
Statutory Demands
Bankruptcy Petitions
Divorce Petitions
Children Act Orders
Court Orders
Winding Up Petitions

What to do next:

You can simply pop us a message using the below form. Give us a call on 07733 322 739. Or email us the documents needed for service to We shall acknowledge receipt of your instructions within the hour.

If you have an urgent enquiry please call 07733 322 739